About Us

We are Marilin and Veronica, two sisters that share a passion for fitness and healthy living, we started our fitness education in the year 2000. We have since taught fitness classes, co-owned a fitness studio and become moms of 5 little ones combined. As busy moms we found it very difficult to continue our fitness classes, we never had enough time to go to the gym, which led us to gain weight, increase stress and frustration. We decided to take action and began teaching 30 minute classes online via Zoom. We are happy to say this has been the best decision we have been able to exercise consistently from home, and the side effects are awesome! We are feeling stronger and healthier while empowering busy women in our community to do the same. 

We are aiming to give women the opportunity to make their fitness and health goals happen, by making fitness accessible, and enjoyable, in a supportive environment. Not only do we want women to be able to feel stronger, but also healthy. Most diseases are preventable, and we want to help reduce our members' chances of heart disease, diabetes, and others simply by changing their daily lifestyle choices. 

We have learned that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, by fueling our bodies appropriately, we can thrive, it's about making healthy choices everyday. Small changes makes a big difference.

We don't support quick fixes for fast results, but aid in the changing of daily habits to support a healthy body.  Our mission is to empower women to live their best life.  

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ACE American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainers.

ACE American Council on Exercise Health Coaches. 

IDDE Peruvian Institute of Sports and Health Professionals. 


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