Self-care With Exercise - Be Active, Healthy & Happy!

self-care with exercise

When was the last time that you took care of YOU? I have a hard time with this too. I have to constantly remind myself that I must self-care so I can take care of others.

I choose to exercise as my way to self-care because I feel so many benefits. Every time I exercise, I feel empower, my energy is high, everything seems possible, it feels me up with positive vibes. 

To make time to exercise daily is life changing, but it is not always easy. Even as a fitness instructor going to the gym was a challenge after becoming a mom of two. Every time I went it felt like I took all day. 

My sister Veronica felt the same way. Now we are grateful to be able to exercise from home and for being able to stay consistent with exercise. We knew, we weren't the only ones feeling this way. Our community members have shared that they have been able to exercise more consistently too with livestream classes. 

For me having a community is very important. It makes all the difference to not feel alone. We are stronger together. 

I encourage you to self-care with exercise too. If you are looking for a community consider ours. We would love to have you in it. 

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