How to support your fitness goals?

How achieve your fitness goals this 2021


It is always very exciting to start a new year. This is the time when a lot of us are planning to make some improvements in our life. For instance, a lot of us have the goal to get in shape or staying in shape. This is a great goal and accomplishing this goal depends on our daily behaviors and choices that we make. These choices will either support or detract from our fitness journey.

For example, a person has a goal of being physically active for 30 minutes each day. There are specific behaviors and choices that will support this goal. Supportive behaviors and choices may include getting enough quality sleep, staying properly hydrated, eating nutrient-dense foods, setting aside the necessary block of time to exercise, and having a support system is very important. By contrast, if this person chooses to get minimal sleep and consume less-nutritious foods (chips, cookies, fried foods, etc.), they likely will not feel energized and motivated enough to be active. Choices such as these will detract from the overall goal. As a result, this person would likely experience frustration and disappointment. Changing behaviors and making the healthy choice the easy choice is key to getting (and staying) in shape.

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